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Dr. Sheray Ward Chin

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Dr. Sheray N. Chin

Dr. Sheray Ward Chin is a Consultant Medical Oncologist.


Dr. Chin began her medical training at the University of the West Indies, graduating with Honors from the M.B.B.S. programme. She went on to attain the Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine post-graduate degree. It was during her post-graduate years that she developed her passion for caring for patients with cancer. This led her to the sub-specialty of Medical Oncology. In her pursuit she was awarded the inaugural Chang Caribbean Fellowship scholarship to complete her Medical Oncology fellowship at the University of Toronto. Her mandate was to return home to make her contribution to quality cancer care in Jamaica.


Dr. Chin has been working as a Consultant in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of the West Indies since 2008. She is also a Lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI and has worked to enhance postgraduate training in Oncology, to better equip specialists to serve the needs of Jamaica and the Caribbean. She believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and helped to develop multi-disciplinary Oncology team meetings to optimize outcomes.


Dr. Chin specializes in the management of solid tumours, including breast, gastrointestinal (e.g. colon), genitourinary (e.g. prostate) and lung cancer amongst others, and is involved in cancer research in these areas. 

In her clinical practice, she develops a personalized approach for each patient after careful assessment and treatment planning. She has expertise in anti-cancer therapies (chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies and biologics), and in application of molecular testing (including tumor profiling and genomic testing) as part of precision cancer care.


Preventive Oncology is an important part of her practice, as she believes that cancer prevention and risk reduction is essential to reduce the burden of cancer. This includes individual risk assessment for cancer (including genetic risk assessment/ genetic testing, lifestyle factors) and personalized cancer screening, as well as cancer risk reduction strategies. 


Dr. Sheray Chin is a founding member of Island Medical Specialists and works with the IMS Oncology team to offer the best possible care for each patient through their cancer journey. Her goals are to reduce cancer health disparities and the optimization of cancer care/ outcomes in Jamaica.

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