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Nicole Seaga


Nicole Seaga

Subspecialty: Counselling Psychology


Nicole Seaga is a warm and empathetic therapist with extensive experience providing safe, non-judgemental and client-centered support to individuals, couples and families. Her counselling approach is proactive and engaged, with the goal of equipping clients with the tools and guidance needed to facilitate healing, growth and change.

Mrs. Seaga has been in private practice for approximately twenty years and has assisted clients with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, life transitions and marital counselling. Her areas of special interest are couples with relationship challenges as well as helping women to find their voices and reconnect with self.

Mrs. Seaga’s clinical experience includes Family Life Ministries (Kingston, Jamaica), Patricia House Drug Rehabilitation Centre (Kingston, Jamaica), The Women’s Crisis Centre, (Kingston, Jamaica) and Ward 21, University Hospital of the West Indies.

She has also conducted workshops on Stress Management, Parenting and Critical Incident Stress.
Nicole Seaga is a member of the Jamaica Psychological Society and is licensed with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine.

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